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CitroŽn Xantia HDi

Improved economy, more flexible torque, lower emissions, quieter running, greater refinement and better performance are the hallmarks of the new CitroŽn Xantia 2,0 HDi; the first car on sale in the UK featuring PSA's Next Generation High Pressure Common Rail direct injection diesel engine.

CitroŽn has also made significant enhancements across the Xantia range including the introduction of a new "X" trim level, four airbags across the range, the extension of ABS and CD player to models not so previously equipped and the fitting of the advanced Trafficmaster system helping the driver stay on the move.

The new 110 bhp turbocharged HDi engine replaces the existing 2,1 TD unit and achieves a 30% improvement in fuel economy together with a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.

For improved driveability, the HDi engine develops nearly a third more torque at lower engine speeds and produces more than 150 lb ft between 1300 and 3800 rpm. 

In the autumn of 1999, the 1,9 TD was replaced by a new 90 bhp version of the HDi.

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