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In October 2000, my wife and I decided to replace our cars.  The mileage was creeping up on both vehicles - my wife's car had reached 100 000 miles and my car had reached 81 000 so it was time for a change.  CitroŽn main dealers proved singularly unhelpful - they tried to persuade me to buy a Xantia when what I wanted was another XM.  Eventually, theXM Centre came up with the goods - a very low mileage two year old CT Turbo VSX Automatic for me and a VSX Turbo Diesel Xantia estate for my wife.

Above - just some of the XMs at the XM Centre
Above left - farewell old friend - my old car parked at the XM Centre

Above - the new Xantia
Above left - the new XM

© 2000 Julian Marsh