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CitroŽn XM replacement

Will there be a replacement for the XM? 

Rumour has it that CitroŽn's flagship XM will not be replaced, other rumours have it that there will be a new car in either 2001 or 2002, that it will have a new state of the art, decentralised hydraulic system utilising variable viscosity hydraulic fluid (the viscosity is altered by passing an electrical current through the fluid), that it will employ conventional steel springs, that it will be rear wheel drive or maybe front wheel drive.

It is likely that in order to reduce costs, the platform will be shared with a new top-of-the-range Peugeot or it may even use a lengthened Xantia replacement floorpan.

Projet Y5 is the codename for the XM replacement and the illustrations on the left have appeared in numerous motoring magazines purporting to depict what the new car might look like.

The truth may actually be far more radical than anyone envisaged...


Dateline : March 1999 : here is a picture of C-6 Lignage - the latest concept car shown at Geneva and quite possibly an indicator of the likely shape of the XM successor above
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