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Xsara Coupť VTS

will make its UK preview debut at the London Motor Show, Earls Court, London, on 14 October 1997.

"Boasting a 2.0 litre 167 bhp engine, this new model brings added style, performance and driving pleasure to the five door range and goes on sale in the UK in Spring 1998. Upgraded suspension in line with the increase in performance ensures this sporty version combines rapid acceleration with entertaining and steadfast roadholding."
An estate version will also go on sale in 1998.
"CitroŽn has teamed up with leading computer chip manufacturer Intel to create a vision of the future for motorists around the world with a high powered personal computer, colour LCD video screen, DVD-ROM (Digital Video Disc and CD-ROM) drive, hands free cellular and telephone data link fitted to a CitroŽn Xsara.
Replacing the car's radio and audio compact disc system with an LCD screen, the on board computer incorporates navigation, communications, information and entertainment functions. Controlled from buttons on the steering wheel or by an infra red remote control unit for passengers, the system uses a GSM link to connect to the World Wide Web and access traffic information, whilst a synthesised voice will allow drivers to hear e-mails and other information from the Internet."

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