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Jon Marshall and Ngaire Phillips' 10 HP Type B2 

The Type B2 was launched in 1921 and represented a development of the Type A with a more powerful engine. Thanks to its robustness and economy it enjoyed considerable success with nearly 90 000 being built. It came fully equipped with electrics and tyres unlike much of its competition. The B2 remained in production until 1927. 

Although this is a right hand drive car, it is unlikely that it was built in the CitroŽn factory in Slough, England.

This car belongs to Jon Marshall and Ngaire Phillips of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. it is believed the car was built in 1923.

Below is a picture of a dealer's plaque fitted to the dash of another B2 that lives in Brisbane.  It belongs to Stan Lovewell and dates from 1924.  The agent (Brisbane Equipment Company) took over as sole Queensland agent for CitroŽn in late 1923.

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