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The CitroŽn Car Club GS/A and Ami Rally 1998

The 1998 Rally was held again at Loddon Court Farm, Spencers Wood, near Reading, Berkshire on the weekend of 25th/26th April 1998 

Unfortunately the weather was not as kind as it was last year - intermittent sunshine and torrential showers which meant that most people did not tempt fate and park on the grass.
The poor weather also meant that attendance was not as good as last year.
To add to it all, I had failed to properly load a film in my camera so I took thirty six shots of interesting cars - a Traction, a brace of DSs and some Amis, none of which came out.

Above - a beautiful early French market GS - note the amber reversing lights. This car belongs to a car designer who works for Renault.

A panoramic view left. The man looking into the rear of his BX is Andrew Minney, Sub Editor of the CitroŽnian, the magazine of the CitroŽn Car Club and Guardian of the Club's Visa Register.

Below - Andrew Minney's BX

Below - a panoply of CitroŽns

Below - not seen at the GS/A and Ami Rally, the weekend following, I saw this sad looking DS 23 at Hurstbourne Tarrant - perhaps it's being renovated or maybe it's a refugee from the Chamber of Horrors !

© 1998 Julian Marsh