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CitroŽn Car Club GS and Ami Rally 2009

6th June 2009

Click on images to see large version - will open in a new window
Above and below an absolutely lovely GSX - I used to own a similar car, albeit a left hand drive Belgian built vehicle and orange rather than yellow
Above - GSA
Below - left hand drive Ami 6 Export
Above - another view of the Ami 6
Above - 2CV Charleston
Above - Ami 8 Break - or Estate as it was called in Britain
Above - GS Break or Estate
Above - Ami Super Break or Estate
Above - GSA Break or Estate
Above - my C5
Above - left hand drive series 1 BX - an increasingly rare sight
Below - multi-coloured Acadiane
Below - the convoy

Unfortunately, the vagaries of the British climate being what they are, when I set off from home, the sun was shining. This soon changed to drizzle and eventually a torrential downpour - hence the raindrops on the camera lens in some of the pictures.

© 2009 Julian Marsh/CitroŽnŽt