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CitroŽn Car Club National Rally 2013

The National rally was held at Wicksteed Park, Kettering on the weekend of 19-21 July 2013.
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but Franklin Rugg, Ian Nixon and Chris Salter have kindly provided these photos.

A selection of A series cars

1983 CX 2.0 Pallas

2000 V6 Xantia

A selection of Xantias

Ami 8

CX GTi Turbo 1 (Series 1) Winner of Best CX

CX Prestige Turbo 2

DS3 Racing and DS4

DS3 Racing

XM 2.1 TD

XM 3.0 V6 24v Exclusive

A selection of Xantias

L-R Xantia 3.0 V6, Xantia HDi Estate, Xantia 3.0 V6

Recently completed Rally Visa. Based on  a Visa GTi, fitted with a 1600cc engine originally from a Xsara Picasso, now with 230BHP

A selection of BXs

© 2013 Franklin Rugg/Ian Nixon/Chris Salter/CitroŽnŽt