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CitroŽn Car Club Southern Counties Millennium Rally

The CitroŽn Car Club Southern Counties Millennium Rally was organised by the Club's South Eastern Section and was held at Breamore House, between Salisbury and Fordingbridge over the weekend of 15th - 16th July 2000. 

There were parts for sale, books, models, memorabilia, cold beer, hot food and live music from Sugar Mama. The weather was glorious and several hundred CitroŽns turned up for the event. 
Above left, below left and above right CitroŽn DS with Chapron bonnet ornament and auxiliary lamps mounted in valance below the front bumper.
Right - late model D
Above left, left and above right CitroŽn ID Break from South Africa - an interesting vehicle - the headlamps are Lucas which would imply that the vehicle was built in Slough but the dashboard is a mirror image of the French dash albeit with a wooden glove box lid. Marcus Carlton, the owner, tells me that he believes it to be a Paris-built car dating from 1962 - it is not possible to be sure of its age because the chassis number has been replaced.  He is certain however that it was built in Paris.

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