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Above - close up of the car on the left showing vertical number plate housing as required by UK law

Above - 1961 ID 19 Slough-built fitted with non-original but period wing mirrors with GZ Birotor in background

Above - 1961 ID 19 Saloon with wooden dashboard and original ashtray on passenger's door

Above - close up of 1961 ID 19 parking light on B pillar

Above - 1961 ID 19 Safari (Slough-built Break) - this vehicle should be fitted with the vertical UK market number plate housing but is fitted with an inclined French one instead

Above - from left to right - 1974 DS 23 EFI Pallas Automatic - fitted with Borg-Warner 3 speed autobox - 1984 CX GTi Turbo (ex CitroŽn Cars Ltd. press fleet car ) - Currus CD250 ambulance - 1970 Dyane 6

Below - 1974 DS 23 EFI B-W Auto with CX GTi Turbo - Currus and 1985 Axel Entreprise

Above and below - 1960 DS 19 Slough-built showing dashboard which is a fibreglass moulding as opposed to the plastic dash of LHD cars of the era

Above - 1960 Panhard PL 17 - right hand drive - bonnet trim missing and UK specification lighting

Tatra 603-2 engine : 2,5 litre, aircooled, pushrod OHV V8 - twin carbs 100 bhp - twin cooling fans

Familiar single spoke steering wheel on 1966 Peel Trident Microcar - built in the Isle Of Man