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CitroŽn’s 90th anniversary celebrations

CitroŽn UK in conjunction with the the CitroŽn Car Club, 2CVGB and the Traction Owners Club celebrated CitroŽn's 90th anniversary on 3rd October 2009 at the Ace Cafť in London.

CitroŽn UK made a short film of the event.

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Above right, below and below right - DS27 - an SM-powered DS

Above a rare GSX3 and an 007 2CV

Left and above this iridescent CX has to be seen to be believed. I am not normally a fan of these sorts of transformations; I am what might be called a 'pragmatic purist' - I like cars to be original but useable and if the latter means making modifications to allow a car to be driven in current conditions, then so be it. But this car is the exception that proves the rule. I think it is beautiful.

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