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2nd and 3rd May 2015

EXPO Haarlemmermeer
Stelling 1
Vijfhuizen 2141 SB
The Netherlands

Above and below AX-based Tjaffer

Above 2CV-based Cygnus

Above and below Xantia with less than 30.000 km on the clock

Below absolutely immaculate engine compartment

Above and below Carrossier Henri Chapron built five CitroŽn SM Convertibles Type “Mylord”, with the Chapron numbers 7630, 7636, 7642, 7643 and 7644.
Mylord No. 7645 was planned in 1974 but it was never built.
Fortunately CitroŽn Andrť & Partners were able to find the original set of 1:1 scale blueprints in the archives of Henri Chapron.
This beautiful SM Convertible is fully authorized by the Chapron family and the project was realized with the assistance of former employees.
CitroŽn Andrť & Partners have the rights to build another series of five Mylords, also with a certificate from Chapron and a Chapron number. They will also be listed in the big Chapron production book.

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