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The Claude Westbrook PhotothŤque

Claude is a keen photographer as well as a committed CitroŽn enthusiast.

He is an old family friend who used to maintain my Father's and my cars for over thirty years.

Three generations of CitroŽns. Claude's D Super 5-21 is in the picture right.

Left - 5 HP Cloverleaf - Slough built.
Above - C6F
Below left and below - a pair of taxis

Left - the 1938 2 CV in glorious colour! 
Above - C4 Cabriolet

Above - the first CX in action and being unveiled after its restoration.

The Patron's resting place at the CimitiŤre de Montparnasse, Paris.

History of Paris
The first of Andrť CitroŽn's factories, dedicated to the war effort, was built in 1915 on a site used until then by melon growers, the last vestiges of the market gardening industry on the banks of the Seine.

The workers, mainly women, worked day and night to manufacture 75mm munitions shells at the rate of 50.000 per day. In 1918, Andrť CitroŽn converted his factory to manufacture cars which were at that time something of a rarity. The following year, the first cars left the factory and in 1920, the first mass production line in France was opened.
Other innovations: the sale by subscription of a popular model, available to all and the creation of a worldwide network of after-sale agents.


More of Claude's pictures can be found in the Chamber of Horrors.