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CitroŽn Car Club CXM Rally 2010 Little Horwood 3th - 5th September 2010
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Above 1975 CX 2000 Non-Diravi in very rare Rouge Soleil arrives after an MOT just a couple of days before - named as the Mouse-Mobile due to mice eating the interior after been stood in a barn for many years
Above A Visa 17RD returns after a quick test drive
Above and below left a CX Kitesurf drew some attention
Above the Mouse Mobile next to Roger Bradford's Prestige
Above the Mouse Mobile
Above right and below the only CX in the UK left in Rouge Soleil
Above a selection of C6s with some A Series cars behind
Above Rob Draper's CX 25 Pallas IE that was used for handbrake adjustment and rear arm bearing demonstrations.
Above Roger Bradford's Prestige
Above one of the few pictures of the XMs attending the event
Above CX DTR T2 Estate
Above CX Pallas - 1 owner from new
Above CX GTi Turbo 2
Above CX 22 TRS
Above CX Prestige Series 1
Above CX Prestige Turbo - VERY RARE, one of only 5 RHD versions produced
Above CX TRD T2 (although I am sure it was originally badged DTR)
Above, below and right six-wheeled CX Loadrunner
Above CX Series 1 GTi Turbo - a rare sight these days
Above CX GTi Auto
Above another one of the five RHD Prestige Turbos - this one a CX Prestige Turbo 2
The photos right and below are courtesy of Philip Chidlow and prove that there were numerous XMs at the event.
Above a trio of Xantias
Left beautiful series 2 Exclusive XM
The photos below are courtesy of Rob Draper who helped organise the event

© 2010 Franklin Rugg/Philip Chidlow/Rob Draper/CitroŽnŽt