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CitroŽn at the 2007 Internationale

Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt

CitroŽn displays its 2008 range at the Frankfurt Motor Show


C-Crosser: CitroŽn's first SUV

The qualities of C-Crosser are immediately perceptible in the handsome lines that suggest strength and vitality. Sophisticated design makes this an elegant, distinctive and appealing car. 

With its four-wheel drive system and mode selector, combined with optimised running gear and high-performance brakes, C-Crosser combines competent, dynamic road manners with high standards of passenger comfort.

The 160 hp DIN Hdi diesel engine contributes to driveability with its specially adapted power level and generous torque. Equipped with a diesel particulate filter system (DPFS), it boasts CO2  emissions of less than 200 g/km.

The versatility of C-Crosser is also visible in its interior layout. C-Crosser is a practical 5+2 seater vehicle with electrically controlled folding seats in row 2, a wide range of stowage compartments and a generous loading area. It is a vehicle that is easy to live with and able to adapt to all situations.

C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso: two appealing visiospace vehicles

The C4 Picasso (5-seater) and Grand C4 Picasso (7 seater) immediately catch the eye with their dynamic, attractive styling.

They have all the advantages of an MPV – including class-leading cabin and boot space, three seats of identical size in row 2 and a commanding driving position –  along with the new features inherent to the visiospace concept: outstanding peripheral visibility and light, easy-to-use modular design, uncluttered interior space, and the highest levels of onboard comfort. 

They are also a pleasure to drive, with particularly surefooted roadholding. 

The Lounge version of C4 Picasso, presented at Frankfurt, confirms this MPV as a vehicle of status providing executive comfort for all four passengers.

Strong potential FOR INNOVATION

CitroŽn's talent for innovating in driveability and driving aids is illustrated by a number of demonstrators – for the six-speed EGS, Snow Motion and emergency call systems – as well as by the presentation of the USB Box. 

Six-speed EGS: optimised driveability and fuel consumption 

The six-speed EGS is a real alternative to conventional manual and automatic transmissions. It enhances driving pleasure in both manual mode (no clutch pedal, swift gear changing with the steering-wheel paddles) and in automatic mode (no worries about changing gears). At the same time, it consumes between 3% and 5% less fuel than a conventional manual gearbox, in automated mode and depending on the cycle, and sells at an attractive price.   

Emergency call system: immediate assistance in the event of an accident 

Working with the NaviDrive system, CitroŽn Emergency makes it easy to locate a vehicle via GPS in the event of an accident or illness and to contact the emergency services (depending on the country). This call can be made automatically, in the event of impact, or by pressing and holding down the “SOS” button. Drivers are systematically addressed in their own language. Operating on a 24/7 basis, CitroŽn Emergency is currently available in nine European countries.  

Snow Motion: extended traction control 

Available on the C5 Airscape concept car, the Snow Motion system is an innovative traction control system with extended functions.

This system offers remarkable performance in terms of vehicle traction and "take-off" on surfaces with low grip (mud, snow, etc.). The benefits, already significant with conventional tyres, are further increased when the car is shod with winter tyres. In this configuration, the performance of the Snow Motion system is close to that of a four-wheel drive.

USB Box: music to go

The USB Box makes it possible to hook up a USB key, an MP3 player or any other portable music player equipped with a jack plug to the latest-generation CitroŽn audio systems. Settings are controlled using the original system’s controls, positioned on the central console or the steering wheel. The USB Box is fitted inside the glove box, a discrete location that reduces theft.

The USB Box will be available as an accessory from December on the C2, C3, C3 Pluriel, C4, C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso, and from March 2008 on the C5, C6, and C8.

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