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At the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva, CITROňN will display a product range that embodies the brand’s core values of creativity, technology and daring.


Innovation and creativity are designed to enhance the well-being of users of CITROňN vehicles. The Marque’s strategy is based on three priorities, with e-HDi micro-hybrid technology currently in deployment, Hydractive suspension on the two executive sedans, the C5 and C6, and work on vehicle engines and environment to cut CO2 emissions.


Available on a number of models in the range – the C3, DS3, C4, C4 Picasso and C5 – e-HDi micro-hybrid technology is set to be extended to further CITROňN vehicles. Geneva is an opportunity for CITROňN to show the CITROňN Berlingo e-HDi, which will be launched in 2011, for the first time.

The CITROňN e-HDi models offer lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The average reduction is 5 grams per 100 km. In the city, the technology cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15%.

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology consists of the next generation Stop&Start system, which puts the engine in standby in situations where it does not need to be running. With the reversible alternator, start-up is fast and easy, with no vibrations or noise from a fan belt. Coupled with a booster for the on-board electrical system, called e-booster, it:

  • delivers extra energy for easier starting in temperatures as low as -5įC,
  • boosts the on-board electrical system to maintain enough energy to keep the headlamps, windscreen wipers and radio running normally,
  • optimises battery charge and the supercapacitors, by recovering energy during deceleration, with a slight increase of the engine brake.


A unique combination of dynamism and comfort, the C5 and C6 are available with Hydractive suspension, a technology exclusive to CITROňN in the automotive segment.
The Hydractive III + suspension on the C5 has two springing and damping settings to manage suspension in real time for optimum adjustment to the requirements of the road and the driver. The C6 also has continuously adjusted electronically controlled springing and damping, taking the already exceptional comfort of the C5 to an extra level. On both models, real-time control is provided by numerous sensors that detect the requirements of the driver and the road conditions, ensuring safety and road-holding as well as occupant comfort.
A sports mode is also available. The driver can activate a control on the central panel for more dynamic road behaviour, with the emphasis on roadholding rather than ride comfort.
Management of the suspension is combined with real-time control of vehicle attitude. Ground clearance is kept constant regardless of the vehicle’s load, with automatic lowering of the ground clearance at high speeds to boost aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The ground clearance can also be increased to clear obstacles at low speeds.
The C5 Tourer versions have a push button in the boot to temporarily raise or lower the loading sill for easier loading.
The electronically controlled attitude makes maximum use of the axles to ensure optimum safety.

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