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Bruno Jammes is the owner of this DS coupé which was prepared for competition in the late 60s by a Citroën concessionaire in the Grenoble area of France.  The car is the same length as the usine competition coupés although the roof has been lowered by several centimetres.

Left - the only Barbero Coupé dating from 1968 and still in use in France.  A number of manufacturers built shortened DS coupés for competition and road use.

Below left and right - another Barbero coupé built on a 1966 DS 2.  This car belongs to a Citroën enthusiast who unfortunately has let it rot under a tree but refuses to sell it.

Bruno is aware of four Barbero coupés still in existence - the black one above and an almost identical one which is in Italy, the wreck above and an ID 19F Break-based vehicle from 1961.  Barbero was an engine tuner in Marseille.

Above - a car constructed at the end of the seventies by a Citroën concessionaire also in the Grenoble region - this car started life as a 1967 DS 21 BVH and is even shorter than the Usine coupés (if that is possible !) and is in both my and Bruno's opinion of questionable aesthetics - indeed I contemplated putting it in the Chamber of Horrors .