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SM pictures by Graham Lane

Above the SM had six headlamps mounted behind a glass nacelle. The inner pair of lamps were connected to the steering as on the post 1968 DS .

Above this is the SM ordered by Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia. Note the fixed headlamps as fitted to cars destined for the USA where Federal law prohibited the use of glass nacelles and moveable lights.


Above the dashboard featured oval instruments, an oval steering wheel and on manual cars an open gate gear shift.

Above the long, sensuous lines of the SM are obvious in this photograph.


Above the under bonnet view shows how crowded and complex the installation of the Maserati V6 was, particularly in EFI form as shown here. 

Below the engine essentially was a V8 with two cylinders lopped off in order to bring the car within the 15CV French fiscal rating.


Below the tail end of a Chapron built Opera

Above an US specification car which has been semi-Europeanised with the fitting of the glass nacelles although the four fixed lights remain. This car is phototgraphed at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, UK.


Above and below left and right Mylord pictured at the 20th Anniversary celebrations

Right a Chapron built Le Mylord cabriolet. More pictures of the Opera and le Mylord can be found in the Tony Stokoe Photothèque .

Below a close up of the Le Mylord badge.

Above Graham and his SM

Above left and above right and left - more shots of Graham's car.