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Classic Motor Show

National Exhibition Centre

Birmingham 13th, 14th and 15th November 2009

A number of prototype CitroŽns made their British debut at the 2009 Classic Motor Show thanks to a joint effort by the CitroŽn Car Club, 2CV GB and the Traction Owners Club in conjunction with CitroŽn UK.

Unfortunately, my camera played up and I only managed to get two photographs. This record exists thanks to the generosity of Nigel Wild, Maurice Dilly, Brian Drummond, Mick Holmes, Dot Moran, Cliff Noon, David Boyd, Mick Popka and Franklin Rugg.

CAVEAT The lighting at the NEC is not conducive to good photography and all the images apart from those taken before the lighting was switched on had a pink hue. I have attempted to restore the original colours.

Click on the images to see large version (will open in new window).

Traction Avant

The first modern motor car with unitary construction, front wheel drive, independent suspension was built between 1934 and 1957.