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Summer 1999

Each summer, the Marsh family tries to spend a couple of weeks in France, the land of hedonistic pleasures such as good wine, good bread, good cuisine, deserted roads - and of course CitroŽns...

...except that in 1999, we saw relatively few interesting ones and most of those that we did manage to see were on occasions when the camera wasn't to hand.

The BX 16 Soupapes above was spotted double parked outside La Palmyre zoo.

A rather tatty DS above spotted near Royan.

We stayed in Charente-Maritime, not far from Royan.  On the drive from Le Havre to Royan, my wife spotted a Traction in the showroom of a CitroŽn dealer, we saw a few dozen CXs, a similar number of GS and GSAs, very few 2CVs or Dyanes or Amis and only two DS.

DS above left and above right spotted parked in la Palmyre - again this car was very tatty.

The unusual C15 below left and below right was spotted in Royan.

© 1999 Julian Marsh