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2 CV Protothèque

In 1995, an additional three cars were found in a barn at the Bureau d'Etudes at Ferté-Vidame and cars have been kept exactly as they were found. During the World War II German occupation of France Michelin and Citroën decided to hide the TPV from the Nazis, fearing some military application. A number of TPVs were buried at secret locations, one was disguised as a pickup, and the others were destroyed. It had been believed that only two prototypes had survived. had been believed that the cars were so well concealed that they had all been lost at the end of the war. However, it would appear that management knew of their existence since in the 1950s an internal memo was issued ordering them to be scrapped. These surviving TPVs were, in fact, hidden from the company's management by some workers who appreciated their historical value.

The car on the left of this picture has a radiator while the one in the middle has two headlamps

Another shot of the car with water-cooling above

The instrument panel was spartan (above) and non-existent (below)

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