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CitroŽn C6 styling exercises

In 1998, while contemplating the development of the C6, it was decided to invite designs from external bureaux - Bertone, Heuliez, DRA, ltaldesign and Pininfarina as well as two in-house designs.
In order to make the comparisons between the different designs as fair as possible, all the vehicles were finished in the same colour.
Except for Bertone and Heuliez all stylists have clearly reverted to the style characteristics of CitroŽns of the past. Most of the proposals were for a traditional berline as opposed to a hatchback.
Eventually, in 2001, the choice was made to use one of the in-house designs, penned by Marc Pinson and the C6 Lignage was presented - a car which differs only in minor details from the production vehicles. Interior design was by Vladimir Pirojkov.

Above and below: the Pininfarina proposal from 1999

Above left: Italdesign from 1998
Above right: Bertone from 1998
Below left: Design Research Associates 1998
Below right:Heuliez's 1998 proposal

Above: in-house designs from 1998
Below: in-house design from 2001

Above left, above right and right: 2001 in-house study
Below: 1998 in-house study - eight years before production started, this is near-definitive.

My special thanks to CITROExpert for permission to reproduce these pictures

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