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A car to rouse the emotions

Truly an exceptional vehicle, C-Airdream makes a strong impression on anybody who steps inside. Sight and senses immediately perceive the interior environment as a new expression of onboard well being.

Perceptible as soon as the doors are opened, the plays of light interact with the movements of the passengers, making the vehicle come alive. The calm atmosphere of the coupe is adorned by a gentle wave of light that ripples between the doors, the seats, the central console and the dashboard, accentuating the fusion between the various points of the passenger compartment and the ambient calm. The panoramic glazed roof diffuses a gentle light that warms the shadowy tones of the vehicle interior.

The clean, airy lines of the central console emphasise the friendly atmosphere while creating individual space for each occupant. On either side of the console, moire-look seats with a satin. The feel set off the subtle mix of dark, glossy and matt leather that covers the passenger compartment. Two folding seats at the rear offer generous space for luggage, a feature that makes the vehicle more versatile and more suited to a certain art of living.

The instrument cluster with its rev counter and speedometer is a perfect fit with the clean design lines of the dashboard. Information is displayed above the axis of the steering wheel whose original design features a fixed central hub. The navigation and information system screen in the centre of the dashboard is controlled using a mouse located at the end of a broad armrest that extends over the central console.

C-Airdream adopts an innovative approach to the adjustment of the driving position, making sure that the driver is ideally placed. The assembly made up of the steering wheel, associated controls and instrument cluster are electrically controlled to optimise the driving position while maintaining constant space for passengers at the rear.

Using the benefits of drive-by-wire technology, C-Airdream reinvents the driving position. All driving controls are placed on the fixed hub of the steering wheel within easy reach. This avoids any unnecessary movements on the part of the driver, who is able to enjoy driving pleasure to the full.

CitroŽn, always at the leading edge of technology

After the C-Crosser concept car, Citroen is continuing its research into drive-by-wire technology by exploring a new area of expertise: all-electric controls for braking and steering functions.

A driving position with electronic controls: a new perspective of life on board

The use of electronic control systems for all the dynamic functions of the C-Airdream paves the way for a new and revolutionary approach to the interior architecture. Styling engineers were able to create innovative driving interfaces and look at a host of new possibilities in terms of layout.

The control layout is designed to ensure the comfort and well-being of both the driver and passengers. The absence of the pedal assembly frees up additional space, which is used to improve the interior layout and also to increase safety. The fact that there are no mechanical parts, such as the steering column and pedal assembly, significantly reduces the risk of injury in the event of impact. Having the controls on the steering wheel also increases the speed at which the driver’s commands are performed. Precious time is saved in braking, for example, since the driver does not have to put his foot on the pedal.

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