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C-MÉTISSE Concept Car


Everything about C-Métisse identifies it as a car to stir the soul.
Its elegant proportions and flowing lines embody a harmonious design with a promise of power. The fascinating opening mechanism of the doors makes the observer want to step on board. The driving pleasure and comfort of the driver and three passengers are ensured by the premium materials used in cabin design, the exceptionally comfy individual seats and the sophisticated in-car technology.

A coupé of elegant design

Looking at C-Métisse is a visual shock in itself. Long (4.74 m), wide (2 m) and low (1.24 m), the car is sculptural and almost intimidating. It demands immediate respect. However, far from creating a sense of distance between the onlooker and the car, this respect is mingled with an irresistible appeal, an absolute attraction.
Whether we're looking at the rear wheel arches, the bonnet or even the boot, an astonishing sensuality is reflected in the car's curving, sleekly muscled volumes.
The seduction of C-Métisse is also expressed through a sense of latent power. Even when stationary, the body suggests movement. With its very long bonnet and virtually inexistent rear overhang, C-Métisse brings to mind the design balance of vehicles seen during the golden age of Grand Touring.

The design lines of C-Métisse also reflect the quest for outstanding aerodynamics, delivering improved fuel economy and lower pollutant emissions while also integrating the latest technological developments. Positioned either side of the double chevron badge on the radiator grille, the headlamps are equipped with a row of LEDs that light up progressively, depending on the steering-wheel angle and vehicle speed. This feature ensures excellent lighting when driving on winding roads by night. At the same time, the Michelin tyres with their central wheel nuts contribute to the sporting character of the coupé. More specifically, the development of these tyres was integrated with the vehicle design process, in order to optimise resistance to air and thus contribute to the vehicle's excellent drag coefficient (Cd of 0.30).

Spectacular door design and easy access

C-Métisse implements a number of astonishing technical solutions, particularly in terms of door design.

The first surprise is the presence of rear doors on a vehicle that is nevertheless the embodiment of a well designed coupé.
The second lies in the ballet that takes place when the doors open, extending an impressive welcome to passengers: the front doors open gull-wing style while the rear doors spin round.
Looking beyond the stunning visual effect, this is actually an efficient solution for easy access. The doors rise up slightly on the roof – a major obstacle when getting into extremely low vehicles – to provide outstanding accessibility.
The parallelogram boot opening also contributes to the overall looks of the car.

A driving position adapted to the driver

The driving position takes full advantage of technological progress to integrate functions that allow the driver to concentrate fully on the road, while also maximising driving pleasure.
The following equipment is provided:

  • a fixed-centred controls steering wheel that brings the main comfort functions and driving aids (radio, speed limiter, on-board computer, lighting, indicators and windscreen wiper) within easy reach. This layout, along with the steering-wheel mounted gear paddles, avoids any unnecessary movements on the part of the driver, who is able to enjoy driving pleasure to the full;
  • contact and start-up buttons on the roof console, reinforcing the sensation of being in a fighter jet;
  • a driving position corresponding to the optimum position of the driver's eye, with a single height adjustment to match this point; a suspended head restraint anchored to the roof, and two rest electrical functions to adjust the leather steering wheel and aluminium pedal assembly. This innovative layout optimises the driving position while maintaining space for passengers in the back.

This high-tech equipment perfectly matches the design of the driving position whose original central console is divided by five extensions. Positioned between these extensions are the aluminium gear shift lever and other functions including the navigation system controls; seat, steering wheel and pedal assembly adjustment; boot controls, body height adjustment and the sport mode of the suspension system.
The central console extends into the cabin via three illuminated strips featuring a play of light that informs passengers of the current mode of hybrid propulsion (ZEV, recharge, boost, etc.). This play of light is accompanied by sound effects that are perceptible as soon as the doors are opened. These sounds accompany certain driver actions (getting behind the wheel, starting the car, navigation in the on-board computer) and indicate the deployment of the aerodynamic airfoils. With these features, C-Métisse comes alive. It transcends the usual coldness of high-tech objects to take on a form of existence that is almost "animal" in nature.

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