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CitroŽn Citela 

The Citela was one of many electrically powered urban concept vehicles developed by CitroŽn  

Not only was the Citela electrically powered, it also featured a modular body enabling it to be transformed at will from a coupť to a mini estate to a saloon. 

Many of the styling cues were carried over into the ECO 2000 project.

Citela was shown at the French pavilion at the Universal Exposition in Seville in 1992.

Citela had a range of 210 km and a top speed of 110 kph.


Designed to help improve the quality of city life, Citela (CitroŽn Electric Automobile) delivers practical solutions to the pressing problems of tomorrow’s urban environment.


Citela is practical for town driving. With a maximum cruising speed of 56 mph and top speed of 69 mph, it can accelerate from 0 to 30 mph in under 8 secs.

The platform to which the power unit is fixed has been designed to last. This is only natural, since the life expectancy of the power unit (625,000 miles) and the nickel-cadmium batteries (10 years) is exceptionally high. Citela has also been built for range. At a steady 25 mph, it can cover 130 miles and 69 miles for the urban cycle. And “filling the tank” could not be simpler. The rear number plate lifts up to reveal two recharge sockets.

One is a conventional 220 volt socket that recharges the battery in eight hours.

The other is much more rapid, giving 1.25 miles of range for each minute of recharge. In 18 minutes, the driver has enough power to drive around a city the size of Paris without a hitch.


Citela is a clean, silent electric town car with all the ecological qualities needed for the harmonious cohabitation of driver and pedestrian. It glides through the city streets without noise or pollution.

Citela is environment-friendly throughout its serviceable life. And beyond. Easy to disassemble, the car is built of clearly marked plastic parts that are interchangeable and recyclable. And Citela is also reliable. The shell made out of synthetic materials and the over hanging protective skirt offer excellent resistance to knocks.


The driver’s first impression is of a car that is easy to manoeuvre and simple to park. Lightweight (790 kg) and compact (2.96 m long. 1.55 m wide and 1.44 m high), Citela is fully automatic - the ideal town car. It is also economical.

A programmable power system gives the driver a choice of three running modes, each of which provides a perfect balance between vehicle performance and the length of the trip. An on-line display system constantly shows the remaining range and suggests the optimum driving conditions. Fully automatic, the car is simply controlled by brake and accelerator. The gearbox has been replaced by an array of buttons.

Citela is purpose-built for town driving.


Citela can swap roles at the drop of a hat. In under five minutes, it changes from an urban runabout to a hard-working goods vehicle.

Thanks to its highly original design - a detachable passenger cell fixed to a platform - the car can quickly adapt to its owner’s wishes. It can be a nifty roadster one minute and a sedate car for taking the children to school thenext.

But whatever Citela is used for, CitroŽn has paid particular attention to comfort, space and light.

Thanks to a wrap-around windscreen and a transparent roof, passengers and drivers get to see the city from a different angle as they weave in and out of traffic jams. The comfortable, roomy interior can easily accommodate three adults and a child.

In 1993, PSA Peugeot CitroŽn will run a pilot scheme in association with the French electricity board (EDP) in the port of La Rochelle*. The city will be the first in the World to be equipped with recharging terminals that will allow electric town cars to be used on a daily basis by the general public.

* A number of electric C15 and C25 vans have been in service in La Rochelle since I987.


Length: 2.96 m.
Width: 1.55 m.
Height: 1.44 m.
Turning radius: 4.30 m.
Wheelbase: 2. 10 m.
Weight: 790 kg.
Maximum cruising speed: 56.25 mph.
Maximum speed: 68.75 mph.
Acceleration: 0 to 30 in under 8 secs.
Range: 131.25 miles at a steady 25 mph; 68.75 miles urban cycle.
Power unit: 72 V/20 kW.
Rapid recharge: 1.25 miles range per minute of recharge.
Batteries: NiCd; located in front compartment and central tunnel.
Power: approx. 14 kW/h.
Tires: Michelin 155-65 R14 MXL with low tractive resistance.


  • Electric heating generator and heated windscreen

  • Programmable preheating system

  • Power management and driver support systems: three pre-programmed running modes make it possible to adjust the performance of the vehicle to the length of the trip

  • Driving mode read-out

  • On-line computation and display of remaining range.

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