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Projet V and Projet Y - CitroŽn XM prototypes

Two versions of the Bertone project were developed above, right and below.
Below a wooden model of the Bertone proposal

Below - not a CX 20 TRE but a V6 XM prototype clothed in an anonymous CX bodyshell - betrayed by the twin exhausts and widened rear wings.
Bertone prototype
Above, below left and below a reduced scale model of Bertone's design which was presented to the Direction Gťnťrale for approval. This model is very close to the production vehicle although the rear wheel arch and tail treatment are different (in my opinion, the wheel arch is much more aestheticaly pleasing than the production version).

Left and above Velizy proposals
Dashboard proposals included digital "head up" displays for speedo and rev counter but these were rejected in favour of a totally conventional layout incorporating analogue instruments left.