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Projet X - Xantia prototypes

Work on the successor to the BX commenced seriously in 1987 with three projects undertaken at the PSA bureau at Carrières (below left), at the Citroën bureau (below right) at Vélizy and at Bertone's studio (bottom left). 

Left an early design by Jean Giret before the architecture was agreed upon.

The Bertone proposal was the one accepted and the production car remained largely faithfull to the original.

Of the three, the PSA proposal looks the least elegant while the Citroën design looks not unlike the XM, albeit with a frontal treatment not far removed from that of the ZX.

PSA Carrières Bertone
Citroën Vélizy Two 1/8 scale models submitted by Jean Giret

Right, Giret's work.

Above, below and right, how the motoring press predicted X1 would look.

The three design studios also submitted proposals for the interior of Projet X.
The picture at top right shows a Vélizy proposal with a three spoke steering wheel (presumably to accomodate an airbag) and the grab bar in front of the passenger.
The picture below right shows the Bertone proposal which is not far from the production version even though it is fitted with a single spoke wheel. Another element that did not make it into production was the Twingo-esque central information panel.
Below left  the dash from the Vélizy proposal incorporating both a single spoke wheel and satellite controls.

Below is the beautiful Xantia Coupé which has never been put into production although a remarkably similar vehicle, sans hydraulics and chevrons is sold as the Peugeot 406 Coupé.

Below left and below right - one of Bertone's proposals - compare this with the design from Vélizy

Above scale model of Bertone's design

Right full scale model

Below and below right - disguised car scooped by Car magazine

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