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Inside, the CX driver will find further improvements behind the wheel. Some demonstrate how, with experience, Citroën  have opted  for  more conventional solutions than were originally offered on the car.  Notable are the dashboard instruments which, in the interests of rapid familiarisation by drivers new to the CX, have been revised to conform to traditional designs - without losing the fingertip controls arranged logically around the unique CX steering column console. And the new CX retains one of its smallest but most controversial features - the direction indicator switch. ergonomically positioned within instant reach of the steering wheel, is still not self-cancelling.
Electric front windows are standard on the CX range and, logically, the control buttons are located on the doors themselves. Most models have all-round electric windows - and the GTi Turbo also has one-touch opening or closing of the driver’s  door  window  for convenience at toll booths or parking barriers. There's also a handy coin holder in the new CX dashboard. Exterior mirrors may be adjusted from the interior on all models, remotely on some models.
Central locking is now standard across the model range with infra-red remote control on most models. Ride height is now controlled by an electrical slide switch rather than the mechanical lever offered on earlier models but remains located in the central console.
Heating and ventilation controls are grouped together in the CX's centre console, while a sensor above maintains the selected temperature automatically.


One of the most remarkable aspects of the CX's front wheel  drive  and hydropneumatic system is the flexibility it gives the engineer in creating a range of cars around only one group of components. In doing this, the CX's designers were able at the same time to create, in the CX Estate models, not mere variants on the basic CX, but outstanding cars in their class.
In the CX Estate the self levelling suspension's claim to provide consistent comfort and handling, whatever the load, is really put to the test. With possible payloads of more than 700kg -and a loadspace fully maximised by eliminating the bulky rear drive and rear suspension components of other conventional estates.