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CX2 5TRI Safari
If you've ever thought that it would be ideal to combine the capacity of a large estate with the performance and luxury of top saloon models then the CX 25TR1 Safari is what you've been looking for.
A 2500cc  fuel  injected  engine producing 138hp is coupled to a 5 speed gearbox to produce a top speed of 121mph and 0 to 60mph acceleration in just 10.1 seconds. The rear space is enormous - and versatile thanks to the 1/3 : 2/3 split rear seat so that you can divide it between passenger and load space, on demand. Seats all have head restraints, adjustable for height on the driver's seat. Electric windows front and rear, colour-matched seat belts front and rear, heated and electrically controlled rear view mirrors, digital quartz clock, and tinted glass are all included. The CX 25TR1 Safari also has central locking, twin-optic headlamps and automatic cut off operation of the heated rear window.
Principal options: Automatic 3-speed gearbox, Metallic Superlustre paintwork, air conditioning.

CX25DTR Turbo 2 Safari

This must be the ultimate diesel estate. Such, at first sight, apparently conflicting requirements as utility and luxury, speed and economy have been resolved in this model. A new intercooled turbo diesel engine produces 120hp for a top speed of 117mph with acceleration from 0-60mph in just 11.5 seconds. Yet at a steady 56mph this car is capable of 52mpg. Handling and roadholding are what you'd expect from a sporting saloon, thanks to  self-levelling  suspension, Varipower steering and 6J14 alloy wheels mounted with high-grip 195/70 MXV tyres. ABS braking is standard.
The new engine's high torque output is perfectly matched to the demands of a load-carrying vehicle and gearing is pitched so as to produce maximum acceleration in the low gears and quiet, low-rev cruising in fourth and fifth gears. Seating, trim and finish are superb throughout with deep carpeting, electric windows front and rear, central locking, digital quartz clock and tinted glass. Twin optic headlamps and heated and electrically controlled rear view mirrors are standard.