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GS brochure covers

Above 1970 launch brochure
Below 1971 "Car Of The Year" brochure

Above 1970 launch brochure
Below 1971 Break brochure

Above left German "car without frontiers" 1972 brochure
Above right 1972 "car without frontiers" brochure

Right 1973 brochure
Below 1972 brochure

Above left 1974 brochure
Above right 1975 brochure

Right 1975 brochure
Below 1975 GSX and GSX2 brochure

Above 1977 brochure

Above 1978 brochure

Left 1978 GS + 9 (Plus neuf or "new again") brochure. 

The +9 was Citroën's initiative to sell secondhand cars that had been renovated in the factory and fitted with numerous accessories.

Below 1978 the limited edition (1 800 examples) GS Basalte brochure

Left 1978 brochure
Above 1979 brochure

Right 1981 GSA brochure
Above 1980 GSA brochure

Above 1983 brochure
Left 1982 brochure
Below 1984 brochure

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