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1975 Fiberfab Sherpa brochure

From West Germany there was the Fiberfab Sherpa manufactured by Fiberfab-Karosserie from Ilsfeld, a similar vehicle to the Méhari but unlike that vehicle, it used GRP as opposed to ABS bodywork.  GRP is less flammable than ABS and new TÜV rules in the early seventies meant the Méhari could no longer be sold in West Germany.
At this point, the Kuhnle company in Ilsfeld near Stuttgart, licensees of Fiberfab of California introduced their FIBERFAB SHERPA. The Sherpa was either built at the Ilsfeld factory on a pre-existing 2CV or Dyane chassis or was sold as a kit. Fiberfab was registered as a manufacturer when they assembled the vehicles. Headlights came from the Volkswagen Passat and the grille from the Fiat 850T minibus.

The Sherpa was sold in West Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and was manufactured from 1975 to 1982.

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From 1979, the French company P. Inglesis made the Sherpa under licence in their factory in Piré at the rate of 30 per month until the factory was destroyed by fire in 1980.

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