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Citroën Sport Publicity 1966 


In 1966 , Citroën's Monte Carlo win was publicised with the poster on the right.

The text says:


Citroën in the Monte Carlo Rally 

Out of 8 DS 21s entered by the marque, 6 were among the 12 winning cars 


Toïvonen/Mikander 1st

Laurent/Marche 9th

Neyret/Terramorsi 4th

Rolland/Augias 11th

Verrier/Pasquier 7th

Ogier/Ogier 12th

Ladies' Cup : Lucette Pointet/Jacqueline Fougeray (Citroën DS 21)

Results confirmed by the Commission internationale des Commissaires Techniques et Sportifs du Rallye de Monte-Carlo valid subject to homologation

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