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Citroën XM 


A reproduction of the UK brochure dated 1st February 1990 after the XM had won the European Car Of The Year Award.

Of course, comfort inside a car is also governed by what's going on underneath it: and no manufacturer knows better than Citroën the vital role played by the suspension in the passengers' well-being and the driver's enjoyment.
Suspension which anticipates the road ahead.
You may feel that to describe the XM's computer-controlled suspension as 'intelligent' is stretching things a little. But what other words define a system which simultaneously analyses the road conditions and the driver's actions and, within 0.05 of a second, 'tunes' the spring and damper settings to accommodate them?
One of the greatest benefits of the system's ability to adapt, instantly, to differing handling requirements is that it eliminates the need for compromise between suppleness and taut roadholding. On motorways, the XM rides with serene and unruffled poise. On twisting country roads, it handles with all the precision of a sporting saloon.
The exhilarating sense of control which this produces will be relished by anyone who regards driving as a pleasure to be enjoyed, rather than a chore to be endured.

A car as distinctive as the Citroën XM inevitably attracts motorists of a similarly discerning nature. So XM buyers will surely appreciate being given a choice of four different engines.
There are two, 2-litre units: a willing and economical carburetted version, and a punchy, fuel-injected 130 hp power plant. Naturally, both run on unleaded fuel with a 3-way catalytic convertor optional on the 2-litre injection. In addition there is a highly advanced 12-valve turbo diesel offering remarkable performance and economy.
Citroën's silken six.
Pride of the XM fleet are the two models powered by Citroën’s all new, 3-litre six cylinder engine. This silken-smooth V6 is matched to an advanced 4-speed automatic transmission (also available on the 2-litre injection models) which maximises the enjoyment of 'two-pedal' motoring, whilst minimising its adverse effects on performance and fuel consumption. When mated to a manual gearbox, the 170 hp generated by this lusty V6 is sufficient to thrust the XM from a standing start to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds and on to an autobahn-storming 138 mph.
Finally, while the 3-litre XM can show most of its rivals a clean pair of heels, it is also equipped with a 3-way catalytic converter - so it's exceptionally clean in an environmental sense, too.

If much of the pleasure of driving a Citroën XM is made possible by advanced technology, so is the satisfaction of owning one. Before any XMs were built, Citroën invested £750m in a new production facility at Rennes.  And before a single car was released to the motoring public. the first one hundred off the production line were subjected to a 3-month, 2 million mile test programme at Citroën's punishing La Ferte-Vidame test track.
A commitment to absolute quality. A dedication to total reliability.
The fruits of this massive investment and painstaking development are plain to see The XM’s build quality  exemplified by panel fit tolerances of 0.Smm - is superb.  Its reliability is proven - any potential problems were identified, and eliminated, at La Ferte-Vidame. Its low running costs are well established: based on average mileage, for instance, scheduled servicing over a whole year takes less than 3 hours.
This brochure contains many incentives to put the Citroën XM on your candidate list. But, ultimately, the only position from which to judge it is behind the wheel. Your Citroën dealer will gladly put you there.