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Kleintjes in crisistijd

(Small cars during a period of crisis)

by Thijs van der Zanden


CitroŽn The Complete History

by Lance Cole


CitroŽn 1919 -1949 La belle ťpoque

By Wouter Jansen


Andrť Lefebvre and the cars he created for Voisin and CitroŽn 

By Gijsbert-Paul Berk


CitroŽn un gťnie d'avance

by Dominique Pagneux

An excellent book covering all the passenger cars from 1919 to 2002. Pagneux admits in the prťambule that it is hard to come up with any new perspectives or revelations and yet that is precisely what he manages to do with this book.
Bearing a superficial similarity in concept to Toutes les CitroŽn, this book is lavishly illustrated, mainly in colour and is a must-buy even for those who cannot read French.
A companion volume "Petits utilitaires franÁais d'aprŤs-guerre" covering the post-war light commercial vehicles will be published sometime in 2003.

CitroŽn - Daring To Be Different

By John Reynolds

This excellent book traces the fortunes of the firm, from its origins to the present day, examining the changes that have occurred under its three owners, Andrť CitroŽn, Michelin and PSA Peugeot-CitroŽn. It details individual models such as the 2CV, the CitroŽn-Maserati SM and the incomparable DS19, voted Industrial Product of the Century. CitroŽn's other influential designs such as the Type H vans and the GS/GSA and CX series are also celebrated. The text is supported with driving impressions, technical specifications, buying hints and features on subjects as diverse as de Gaulle's Presidential DS, the surviving pre-war 2CV prototypes, the British-designed and built 2CV Bijou, and the experimental rotary-engined M35 coupť.

From A to X ~ 75 Years of CitroŽn in the UK 

by John Reynolds


Nb. this book is now out of print but a revised and expanded new edition "Eighty Years of CitroŽn in the United Kingdom" is now available.

Eighty Years of CitroŽn in the United Kingdom

by John Reynolds


CitroŽn - Tous les ModŤles 

by Olivier de Serres

An all-embracing catalogue in French of all the vehicles built by CitroŽn, lavishly illustrated but now out of date

Toutes les CitroŽn 

by Renť Bellu

Yet another French catalogue of all the cars built by CitroŽn including details of prototypes and featuring Pierre Dumont's line drawings. Sadly now out of date.

60 ans de style et de prototypes CitroŽn 

by Roger Guyot and Christophe Bonnaud

An interesting but unfortunately lightweight look at CitroŽn style, concept cars and prototypes - in French.

CitroŽn 80 Years Of Future  

by Roger Guyot and Christophe Bonnaud

An extremely interesting look at the CitroŽn brand, covering all the models including commercial vehicles, research, innovation, style, publicity and sport - unfortunately the English edition is poorly translated from the French original.

CitroŽn, l'histoire et les secrets de son Bureau d'Etudes
Tome 1 

by Roger Brioult

An interesting collection of essays, interviews and pictures but poorly illustrated and confusingly arranged - in French.

CitroŽn, l'histoire et les secrets de son Bureau d'Etudes 
Tome 2

by Roger Brioult

See Tome 1

CitroŽn Advertising 80 Years Young 

by Jacques Sťguťla

This book is an absolute "must-have" for any CitroŽn aficionado covering as it does the story of the marque's publicity from the early days when Andrť CitroŽn pioneered the use of advertising to sell cars, through the glory years of Robert Delpire in the 60s through to modern advertising campaigns including those masterminded by the author.  English text.

CitroŽn : Toute l'Histoire 

by Pierre Dumont
revised by Olivier de Serres

For the reader of French, this makes an ideal primer, being cheap and concise.

Les Grandes Marques CITROEN 

by Jean-Pierre Dauliac

A "coffee table book" - beautifully illustrated but lightweight - in French.

CitroŽn Essai sur 80 ans d'antistratťgie 

by JoŽl Broustail and Rodolphe Greggio


The Classic CitroŽns  

by John Reynolds


Les CitroŽn du monde

By Gilles Colbec and Jean-FranÁois Ruchaud


Andrť CitroŽn Engineer, Explorer, Entrepreneur

by John Reynolds

A re-written and expanded version of Andrť CitroŽn- The Man and the Motor Cars published in 1996

For a review of this book, click here.

Crossing the Sands

By Ariane Audouin-Debreuil

Translated by Ingrid MacGill

The Sahara Desert Track to Timbuktu by CitroŽn Half Track

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Les Filles de Forest

Les Filles de Forest

De in BelgiŽ geproduceerde tweecilinder CitroŽns
Les CitroŽn bicylindres assemblťes en Belgique
(The Belgian-built two cylinder CitroŽns)

Two separate books, one in Dutch and the other in French

‘Les filles de Forest’ describes the production and evolution of the two-cylinder cars built at Forest, from the first 2CV A in 1952 to the latest Visa in 1980. Other models such as the Ami 6, the Dyane, the Mťhari and the LN are also covered in depth, along with the Radar and Lohr. There are full descriptions of body colours, fabrics, production figures and chassis numbers by type and by year.
The book contains hundreds of images, many of which have never been previously published.

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