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The Original DS

The Restorer's Guide

Spot the difference


John Reynolds with Jan de Lange




MBI Publishing Company


Galtier Plaza


Suite 200


380 Jackson Street


St Paul


MN 55101-3885 USA


US - $24.95 CA - $32.95 GB - GBP16.99


2006  US




This book is a paperback version of the hardback book of the same name first published ten years ago in 1996. Apart from the reduction of the subtitle from 'The Restorer's Guide to all DS & ID models 1955-75 including saloons, estates and convertibles" to 'The Restorer's Guide' and details of the new publisher, this book is identical to the original, albeit that it incorporates the author's 1998 edition revisions.
Mint copies of the original and long out of print book published by Bay View Books have been fetching silly money recently on eBay and Amazon (.
I find myself drawing analogies with reissues of music CDs which more often than not have additional songs and extended sleevenotes and wonder why the new publisher didn't ask John Reynolds to expand this edition.
It is also a pity that the book has not been republished in hardback format.
If you missed out on it first time round and are not prepared to fork out several hundred dollars for an original, this book is an absolutely essential purchase. It combines John Reynolds' excellent prose with some beautiful photographs.
However, if you already own the original, there is little point in buying this edition.

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