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Please note - if you wish to have your site included, please email me , I expect you to reciprocate. I also expect you to notify me when your site changes URL.   This is because it is becoming almost a full time job just to maintain them.  There are additional links, where relevant, in the the rest of this site.  The following are listed in my Bookmarks:-

All the really good sites are members of the CitroŽn Web Rings

or alternatively, visit CitroŽn World where you will find what are probably the definitive lists of links.

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LeCitroMarchť Buy and Sell CitroŽn Vehicles, Parts, Books, Memorabilia
Why advertise your CitroŽn on 10 different sites when there's one CitroŽn-only site.
This is the idea behind the French-sounding but multi-lingual LeCitroMarchť.
The site went live in September 2015 in Dutch and has now expanded to include English.  French and German will follow shortly so advertisers from many countries can easily insert their CitroŽn ads.
By offering a worldwide, multi lingual advertising platform to CitroŽn enthusiasts it will be easier to sell your car, car-parts, literature or miniatures EU or world wide.
It's also possible to insert a wanted ad if you're looking for a specific item.
Advertising on LeCitroMarche is currently free. 
All you have to do is register once, confirm the link in your mailbox and off you go.
You can add up to 5 pictures.

The CitroŽn Car Club
The UK Club for CitroŽn and Panhard enthusiasts everywhere
The CCC has been looking after its members since 1949 so they know what they're talking about when it comes to CitroŽn the marque, its heritage and that elusive ingredient that makes these cars so special, even today.

2 CV GB is a British club devoted to the 2CV and all its derivatives


From Slovenia - much of the site is in English.

Body parts and restorations for A Series vehicles

The Traction Owners Club the UK club devoted to the first modern car

The beautiful H Van Showmobile CitroŽn H-Van, full of Gallic charm, is now available to hire for your marketing, promotions or filmwork. In addition, bespoke magnetic signs can be designed and produced with your branding, and subsequently stored for future use.
Don't miss a unique opportunity to add that special 'Je ne sais quoi' touch to your publicity.

As you might guess, this is a Belgian site run by a DS and SM owner

2CV Stuff is an incredible resource for 2CV lovers

Jeroen Cats' CITROňN Enthusiasts Homepage has been relaunched (November 2016).

Sadly, Jeroen was killed in a motor accident in July 2007 and will be sorely missed by his family and his many friends in the international CitroŽn community.

The SM Wiki

CitroŽn Concours of America

CitroŽn Concours of America has been owned and operated by the Heilig family since 1980. The patriarch of the family, Hank Heilig, was educated as a Citroen mechanic at a CitroŽn dealership outside of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has been continuously working on CitroŽns since 1949.

De CitroŽn Ami6 in Nederland

Club des amis de la 2CV is a French club holding regional meetings in France and with a forum.

is the Netherlands CitroŽn magazine

You just have to visit CITROEN ANDRE.
This is the site of the company that has continued to sell CitroŽns in the USA despite the opposition of Paris.

CitroŽn's corporate website

CitroŽn UK website

Atelier DS


High quality restoration of D Series, SM, CX, etc.
Supply of better than original quality upholstery and interiors
Re-chroming of original parts to very high standard.

Contact:  Enzo Forgione
I-39100 Bolzano
Tel:+ 39 347 2408435

Groupement 2 CV cross - France

Lottie the 2CV - The home of Lottie's Adventures

Lovekyn of Kingston were one of the pioneers who imported 2CVs into Britain in the seventies long before CitroŽn UK did so.

RetroMobile - home of the Citroen DS 'Fashion fades but style remains'...

PiŤces Auto Traction 2cv Ds

PiŤces Auto Traction 2cv Ds

Parts for Traction Avant, 2CV and DS  - website in French and English

Dutch portal about CitroŽn

Amicale CitroŽn Internationale - the ultimate guide to CitroŽn events worldwide.

CITROňN CX Club Nederland

Les Autos d'Andrť CitroŽn
An excellent site in French

La Page de la GS is an excellent site dedicated to the GS - in French.

Guilde Mondiale des Tractionnistes

DS Club Holland
Dutch ID and DS Club site - in Dutch

Teilhol Tangara a 2CV (and later AX) derivative


Dutch C6 club site in English and Dutch

Planete-CitroŽn Discussion forum and more (in French)

The Ami Club de France is an excellent (francophone) resource for these wonderful cars, together with an on-line forum, history of the cars. The club also publishes a magazine called Ligne Z.

Centreville Garage for parts and the finest Citroen DS repairs and restoration in the UK.

CitroŽn Visa-Club of the Netherlands
- all about the Visa, C15, LN, LNA and Oltcit - in Dutch although some pages are in English.

Weddings - Film Shoots - Advertising - Special Occasions

Whatever your needs - just get in touch and I'll endeavour to fulfil them in style!

DS Wedding

BX World
Very comprehensive site (in French) about the BX. Also has a Forum.

Tremendous T-shirt designs from Dan Fletcher of 77 Design who has done quite a lot of design and logo digitising work for the CitroŽn Car Club, Traction Owners Club, and 2012 International CitroŽn Car Clubs Rally.

Echappements de collection - exhaust components for classic CitroŽns and Panhards


DS in Asia
The title says it all - excellent site in English and French

DS SM Club Belgium

Bart Ebben Specialist CitroŽn Peugeot
Sluisweg 18
6581 KA Malden

CitroŽn Publications - free workshop manuals, service manuals, parts catalogues, etc.

At CITROPARTS.COM you can find all the spare parts you need to maintenance, restore and repair your favourite 2cv or other A series car.

You can order all the parts you need online and just a few days later have them delivered to your home!

Le Nuancier DS

Le Nuancier DS

This website is dedicated to the colours of CitroŽn DS, this unbelievable, earthbreaking, non-flying UFO.

Amicale CitroŽn Deutschland

"The association of all CitroŽn and Panhard clubs in Germany, formally established in 2004 as the official interface with the manufacturer and representing more than 12,000 members. Ad-free frequent newsletter in three languages (DE/EN/FR)."

Amicale Citroen Deutschland

  • Most pages available in both English and French
  • La plupart des pages sont traduites en franÁais et en anglais

Club CitroŽn C6 France

French site with forum and useful technical documents, etc.

Traction Avant!

The Internet site of the Automobile Club and the "Gangster Limousine from CitroŽn

Die virtuelle CitroŽn Ami6 Garage//The Virtual CitroŽn Ami6 Garage

A Wiki all about the Ami 6

Expo Bertoni: Design Flaminio Bertoni - Flamino Bertoni (1903-1964): Sculpteur – Peintre – Styliste

A site about one of the world's greatest car designers

Europe Endless

An American site in Michigan - Vintage European Auto Service

Forum CitroŽn Classic

Francophone site with advertisements, forum, etc.

Archives CitroŽn Xantia

Archives CitroŽn Xantia

Press articles, advertisments, brochures and collectibles on the CitroŽn Xantia.


French site dedicated to the D Break


Other Motoring Links

Bertrand Dziuba has an excellent automotive art site (in French) with lots of drawings and renderings of our favourite cars.

CarLynx automotive links


Made in Britain


Made in Britain
The ultimate resource for those interested in the British automotive industry - run by Keith Adams, editor of Classic Car Weekly

is one of France's top classic motor magazines

China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre

Auto Collection

l'Annuaire Auto-Collection

Classic Motor
is one of Britain's top classic motor magazines

car lounge

Car Lounge

Association of British Drivers

Association of British Drivers
At last, a motoring organisation in the UK that represents the views of motorists

UK Motoring Directory

Best Cars Web Site in Brazil has an excellent section on the CitroŽn 2CV and more information on other models can be found by using the site search.

Joe Curto Inc. in New York, USA specialises in British SU and Zenith carburettors.

Carcatalog a selection of 2CV brochures and catalogues

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