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Left - Adolphe Kegresse at the wheel of one of the first half track prototypes, derived from the standard Type A and B2 passenger cars, these vehicles were fitted with CitroŽn-Kegresse-Hinstin caterpillar tracks and featured a 1 452cm3 engine developing 20 bhp @ 2 100 rpm, a 3-speed gearbox driving the twin rear caterpillar tracks.

Three models were available initially - and B2 Autochenilles were the first vehicles to cross the Sahara (1922 - 1923) and also took part in the 20 000 km long CroisiŤre Noire (1924 - 1925).

Subsequent Autochenilles were based on the then contemporary passenger cars - a 1933 Six is shown above right.

1920 Type A P1 Neige

1923 P2 ambulance

Military trials in 1923

P15 Neige

P19 Hotchkiss

P19 military ambulance

P19 destined for the Polish army

P28 armoured car

P104 armoured car

C6 neige ambulance

C6 P15 Neige

Prototype agricultural tractor

The C4F and C6F Autochenilles participated in the CroisiŤre Jaune from April 1931 and February 1934 - two teams, one starting in Beirut and the other in Beijing covered a total of 12 115 km and crossed the Gobi desert as well as the Himalayas.

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CitroŽn-Kegresse-Hinstin Autochenille