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 1971 French brochure for CitroŽn Belphťgor truck and Cabine K truck

By the mid 1960s , French truck maker Berliet had seen its market share decline with the creation of Saviem, a subsidiary of State owned Renault.  It also lost important military contracts and sought membership of a more dynamic and powerful group.
In June 1967, CitroŽn bought Berliet and launched The Type K Dauphin truck which was based on the Berliet Stradair albeit with a shortened nose and using CitroŽn's high pressure braking system as used in the Belphťgor.
After a short career wearing the CitroŽn Berliet badge, the Dauphin continued as a Berliet.
In 1976, PSA sold Berliet to Renault.

Below Berliet Stradair
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Cabine K