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CitroŽn has introduced the new Berlingo XTR+, with enhanced off-road capability - the only vehicle of its type in this sector of the market.  With the launch of the Berlingo XTR+, the award winning Berlingo range further reinforces its credentials as the most versatile light van available in the UK offering, even before XTR+, a choice of short and long panel vans, a platform cab and Crew Van, Ready to Run glass carriers and temperature controlled versions, plus dual fuel models.

Robert Handyside, commercial vehicle operations manager, comments, “The new Berlingo XTR+ van is designed and engineered to suit the demanding requirements of operators in the utilities, forestry, construction and agricultural sectors.  These customers require a reasonable degree of off-road capability from their light vans, which otherwise spend the majority of their working lives on-road.  Therefore, for most of these operators, it is essential that any off-road capability is provided without compromising on-road performance or incurring additional operating costs.”
Based on the L1 625 1.6HDi 90hp LX van, the new Berlingo XTR+ adds:

  • a sophisticated limited-slip differential
  • raised, heavy duty suspension and revised steering geometry
  • comprehensive under-body protection
  • 15” steel wheels with Michelin Synchrone 4x4 195/65 R15 tyres

With these additional features, the new Berlingo XTR+ provides the greatly increased off-road capability that these customers require but, thanks to its two wheel drive configuration, without the higher capital cost, weight and running costs associated with four wheel drive vehicles.
The new Berlingo XTR+’s sophisticated multi-plate, limited-slip differential deals with slippery off-road conditions by automatically apportioning up to 75 per cent of the engine’s torque between the two driving wheels.  This ability to automatically transfer - without any input from the driver - the majority of the available torque from the driving wheel with the least grip, to that with the most grip, provides the Berlingo XTR+ with its greatly enhanced off-road performance.
To complement its improved off-road capability the Berlingo XTR+ also increases ground clearance by 30mm over the standard Berlingo van.  This is achieved by the use of heavy duty suspension and 15” Michelin Synchrone 4x4 195/65 R15 tyres, which also provide the optimum combination of both off and on road grip.  
The new Berlingo XTR+ also has heavy duty metal sump protection and two longitudinal metal skid plates protecting other under-body components, such as brake and fuel lines.  This comprehensive under-body package provides the new model with a level of protection commensurate with its off-road capability.  The Berlingo XTR+ is now available, priced from just £14,160 + VAT+ delivery.  

6thJuly 2009                                                                                                                                        

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