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CitroŽn GS Service and GSA Entreprise

One year after the launch of the GS, CitroŽn announced two extensions to the range - the Break and the Break-based Service vans. These latter models were available in three versions - a three door unglazed van, a three door glazed Break Commerciale and a five door Break Commerciale.
The five door version was effectively the same as the five door Break but without the rear seat.
This range of vehicles offered tax advantages in France - TVA (VAT) was recoverable by businesses whereas had the business bought the equivalent car, this tax would not have been recoverable. 

Both the GS and GSA were used as the basis of specialist conversions such as police cars and ambulances.

Above and below the GS Break Commerciale
Below GS Break Commerciale
Above this GS pickup was proposed by Boyer & Fils, a constructor from the south of France but the company was not interested since it would have been in direct competition with Peugeot models.

In 1981, the GSA Entreprise replaced the GS Service vans.

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