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New CitroŽn Jumper

 A true ally


CitroŽn has long been a key player on the commercial vehicle market. It has built a reputation for innovative models, designed to provide a precise response to user requirements. By constantly matching its range to market trends, CitroŽn secured a 10.2% share of the European LCV market (26 countries) in 2005.
LCVs are important for the Marque, since one CitroŽn in every five sold worldwide is a light commercial vehicle, and one light commercial in every ten sold in Europe is a CitroŽn. The market launch of the new Jumper therefore gives the Marque a further advantage in this segment.
With the new Jumper, CitroŽn is out to win market share, building on twelve years of market success with previous versions.
The new range, which includes the latest high-tech features developed by the Marque, is structured to meet these objectives.
The redesigned architecture of the new Jumper expands the number of combinations possible in terms of volume and payload.
It features:

  • a wider choice of useful volumes: the new Jumper combines four lengths with three wheelbases and three body heights. The useful loading volume ranges between 8 m3 and 17 m3, compared with a maximum of 14 m3 previously.
  • gross vehicle weight of up to 4 tonnes: the new Jumper now tops the 3.5 tonne mark with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 4 tonnes (for a payload of two tonnes). The new Jumper is one of the few front-wheel drive LCVs to have a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tonnes. This increased capacity in terms of payload gives CitroŽn access to a new market segment.
  • a wide diversity of models to satisfy the requirements of each sector of activity to the greatest extent possible. The range comprises standard panel and window vans, single and double cab versions, and combi vans for transporting people. Other versions are pre-prepared for bodywork conversions: chassis, bare chassis and flatbed cabs.

The styling of the new Jumper is user-focused. It suggests the many advantages linked to its functional personality. For example, the bumper features built-in sills that make it easier to clean the windscreen. At the same time, the layout of the driving position, its soundproofing and ergonomic design, ensure that the cabin satisfies the requirements of the most demanding professionals. The load sill has been lowered to make the loading area even easier to access.

The new Jumper features new diesel engines adapted to each version. The range is available with a choice of three engines: the 2.2 HDi 100 (74 kW/100 bhp DIN), the 2.2 HDi 120 (88 kW/120 bhp DIN) and the 3.0 HDi 160 (115 kW/157 bhp DIN). All three engines are mated to manual gearboxes, with six speeds in the case of the last two.

The new Jumper boasts a broader range of equipment and a wide array of options rarely seen on the LCV market, including a heat-reflecting windscreen, automatic lights and wipers, and rear parking assistance with a  colour camera.

The new Jumper has surefooted, precise road manners. Vehicle safety is further reinforced by ABS, fitted as standard, and ESP, optional depending on the versions.

Moreover, superlative quality of design makes this vehicle the most convincing of business partners.

Exterior and interior styling showcasing the upgraded design of the new Jumper

  • Exterior styling designed for efficiency
  • Interior styling, combining comfort and functionality
  • Features to simplify life on board

Further improvements to the functional convenience of commercial vehicles 

  • An adaptable loading area

The automotive qualities of the new Jumper 

  • High-performance engines
  • The new Jumper's commitment to environmental protection

Safety: a priority at all times 

  • Remarkable dynamic qualities
  • Protection at all times
  • Equipment that makes all the difference
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