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CitroŽn in Canada - Gary Cullen's photos

CitroŽn in Canada 1961 Track & Traffic test of the CitroŽn Wagon 1963 Canadian D series brochure
1965 Canadian D series brochure 1965 'holidays europe citroŽn' brochure 1968 Canadian D series brochure
Gary Cullen photo album Bouffard et Fils photo album

All these photos were taken at CitroŽn Canada on Burrard St. Vancouver, during 1971 and 72 (except where noted).

Above this photo was taken in the 1980's at Omega Motors on Howe St. Vancouver. Walter Zell owned and operated Omega from the late 1970's through to  the early 2000's.

Above CitroŽn Canada closed in 1973 and the last of the SM's were sold by Parthenon Motors owned and operated by Hank Heilig who had been service manager at CitroŽn Canada. The original Parthenon Motors was located at the corner of 4th Ave and Fir St (where this photo was taken). It then moved to 2nd Ave for a few years and then to Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver in the 1980's. The Heilig family then moved to San Diego USA and opened CitroŽn Concours.

Below this photo is from 1982  and was taken at Parthenon Motors in Richmond in 1982. Gary's red 1968 DS is in the foreground.  He was waiting for them to rebuild an SM at the time.

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