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Fukang Fukang CitroŽn ZX
Fukang CitroŽn ZX Fukang CitroŽn ZX Fukang CitroŽn ZX

Built in China, the Fukang is based on the CitroŽn ZX and is available in a wide range of trim levels and engine capacities. 

The trim levels range from RG through RL to RP. Above that are AL and EL. Engines are CitroŽn-derived 1,4 litre, in both injected and carburettor form and a 1,6litre injected unit.

Fukang CitroŽn ZX
Fukang CitroŽn ZX

The carburettor motor is available only in base trim, while the 1,4i is available in RL and RP. The 1,6litre is teamed with the top levels of trim only. 

All models are very highly specified, with even the RG version being fitted with air conditioning. 
Models further up the trim scale boast central locking, electric front windows, rear spoiler and power steering. All models are fitted with a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard. 

A new EL-I model which boasts an electronically controlled 5-speed automatic gearbox is due in early 1999.

The 1,4 litre carburettor motor provides a top speed of 160 kph and reaches 100km/hr in 16.4seconds.  Maximum power of 49 kw is developed at 5 400rpm. At a constant 90km/hr it uses 6 litres of fuel per 100km. 

In 1,4i form, the maximum speed increases to 170 kph and the time to 100 kph is reduced by 0,6 seconds. Power is up, running to 55kw, but so is the engine speed at which it is developed - 5 600rpm. In European 1,4i models, the same maximum power was attained, but at an even higher 5 800rpm. 

Fukang CitroŽn ZX
Fukang CitroŽn ZX

The European motor reached a very similar top speed to the Chinese engine, but attained 100 kph in a far shorter 11,9 seconds. 

Of course, the European motor was designed to run on 95 - 98 octane fuel while the Chinese engine uses 90 octane.  The fuel economy at 90 kph is slightly improved over its carburettor brother, but the urban economy suffers (8,5 litres/100 km compared with 10 litres/100 km for the injected car). 

The range-topping 1,6i engine develops 65 kw, also at 5 600rpm, which propels the car to a maximum speed of 182 kph and takes just 14,5 seconds to reach 100kph.

The Chinese models are also heavier than their French cousins. The kerb weight of the DCAC cars starts at 1 037kg and rises to 1 050kg for the 1,4i.  All the European 1,4 cars were below the one tonne mark. The range topping 1,6i saloon weighs in at 1 080kg while the French 1,6 weighed only 995 kg.

All models run on 165mm tyres on a 70 profile, as did the French ZX.  However, wheel diameter has been increased from 13 inches to 14.8 inches.

Fukang CitroŽn ZX Fukang CitroŽn ZX

In addition to the five door hatchback, there is a Chinese market-specific 4 door saloon with a boot - the Fukang 988

Dongfeng EQ1010F below

N15 below

Dongfeng CitroŽn ZX EQ1010F Fukang CitroŽn ZX N15

CitroŽn in China

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