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Fabricados en Argentina

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A-Series Citroëns were made in Argentina for many years but they were all but identical to the French models. However, the 602 cm3 version of the 2CV was called 3CV.

Production started in 1960 and continued until the late 1970s.  Due to the political and economic conditions that prevailed in Argentina, Citroën ceased manufacturing cars in 1980 although vehicles continued to be assembled from parts on hand and CKD kits until the time of the Falklands War when because of French support for the British, the factory was confiscated and given to INDUSTRIAS Eduardo SAL-LARI S.A. (I.E.S.).

IES built numerous variations on the 2CV theme.

1969 2CV

Above - close up of the front of a 1969 2CV made in Argentina
Below rear of a 1964 2CV

1964 2CV

Above - 3CV

IES logo

The Citroën factory in Chile ceased supplying engines so a local alternative was fitted and the suspension was replaced with a wishbone set up.  Since the specifications of the replacement engine are all but identical to the Citroën unit I suspect that it was just an unlicensed version. However, IES did enlarge it to 635 cm3 for the Gringo.

IES Carga América

Above - early 2CV
Below - 3CV

2CV instrument panel

Above 2CV instrument panel
3CV instrument panel

3CV instrument panel
3CV instrument panel

Above IES 3CV

IES Super América

Above - IES Super América

1964 AZU B

Above 1964 AZU B


Above 3CV
Below IES Súper América - note the enlarged windscreen (no air vent), Dyane style bonnet and square lamps.

IES Super América

Below 3CV

AK400 Fúrgon

Above AK400 Fúrgon

IES Carga América

Above - IES Carga América

IES Super América

Above - IES Súper América


Above - 3CV

IES 3CV instrument panel

Above IES 3CV instrument panel

IES América

Above - IES América

IES Gringa

Above - IES Gringa


Above novel use for the bonnet of a 2CV

Mil gracias a mis amigos Ricardo Brunas, Alejandro Capano y Fabio Alejandro Romano.