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Fabricados en Chile - 2CV Citroneta 

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The Citroneta was a version of the 2CV manufactured in Chile and Argentina. It used a type AZ chassis with 425 cm3 engine developing 12 bhp. Both chassis and engine were made in France while the bodywork (in both 2 and 4 door versions) was designed and produced in Chile.  the last of the "boot design" cars was built in 1973 but a 5 door hatchback continued to be built until 1979 when, in the face of increasing competition from the Japanese and Korean manufacturers it was decided to cease production.

Weight: 495 kg. Tyres: 135 x 400 Michelin X.  The blue car on the left of the page is a 1957 model.

The Citroneta was produced by the CitroŽn factory in Arica and apart from the chassis and engine/transmission used mainly locally made components.

1953 was the year when the first 2CVs were built in Chile to create employment.
Initially, they caused lots of laughter due to their funny looks and ridiculous power output in comparison with the North American V8s.

Afterwards, the Chilean designers created a body that would suit the country's specific needs. The car should be useful for both city dwellers and also for farmers who needed to carry fruit, vegetables, hens or even pigs. Thus, an open boot would make everything easier. The use of a "decapotable" roof was abandoned.

The sales success that this model enjoyed was so great that it can be said that almost every Chilean has driven a Citroneta. All the streets were filled with this "French Miracle" as they were affectionately called. They also gave many Chileans their first chance to own a car, since before the 2CV there wasn't any car available at such a low price.

Above - 2CV Cross has reached South America

Above, below and right - the Chilean factory also built this pickup variant in the late sixties...

Above and below - the Arica factory built this ambulance in the mid seventies

Above - the Chilean factory built a version of the Baby Brousse called the YagŠn

Photos courtesy of Delia Labbe and her son Sebastian of Santiago Chile who are both CitroŽn enthusiasts

Right advertisement for the entire range including the locally built GS

Click here to see a 2CV Citroneta AZAM

Below 1979 advertisement for the GS
Right 1979 advertisement for the CX

Above and below - the CitroŽn factory in Arica also built the AX330 5 door 2CV which used Dyane rear lights.

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