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The Traction Avant cars were built in Slough in Britain

Due to differences in the calculation of fiscal horsepower, the cars were given different names.
the 7CV became the Light Twelve
the 11CV became the Light Fifteen or in long wheelbase version the Big Fifteen
and the 15CV became the Six Cylinder or Big Six

The British Tractions differed from their French contemporaries, not only in name and right hand drive steering but also in terms of finish, 12 volt Lucas electrical system, Smiths instruments, wooden dashboards, Connolly leather interiors, chromed grills and a choice of colours other than black.
`Ces gens-lŗ ne font rien comme tout le monde'

CitroŽn Light Fifteen

CitroŽn (Big) Fifteen

CitroŽn Fifteen 7-seater saloon

Slough proposes restyle for the Traction
Slough proposed pharing in the and lowering the headlights on the Traction to increase the locally sourced component count (and thereby reducing the amount of import duty) but Paris was not impressed. One such car, a Big Six (or 15CV) was built.

The Six Cylinder or Big Six

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