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CINA 1986 CX brochure 
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Immediately following CitroŽn's retreat from North America, a number of entrepreneurs decided to import the CX.

Robert Boston founded CitroŽn Importers of North America (CINA) of Roswell, Georgia, imported CXs which they modified in Georgia to meet the stringent DOT regulations. In theory, CINA had to meet the DOT standards on each and every car they imported.  The CINA CX was fitted with a greatly reduced (by 8 US gallons) fuel tank in order to avoid strengthening the rear bumper.  CXA on the other hand retained the original fuel tank and modified the rear bumper.  CINA's approach to emissions controls was 'interesting'.  While they used a proper CO2 sensor in vehicles submitted for testing to the DOT, many of the vehicles sold had sensor leads that were not connected to anything or were fitted with a rudimentary CINA-designed emissions system that was easily removed after purchase.

CitroŽn was unhappy that its products were being sold in North America and they launched a lawsuit over the use of the CitroŽn trademarks including the name CitroŽn and the double chevrons logo which had not been protected when the company withdrew from North America.  CXA spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting this lawsuit but ultimately, they and CINA had to give up the right to use the CitroŽn brand name.  CINA could only sell those cars they had in stock, subject to them being brought up to federal standards.  They were also subsequently permitted to do conversions for individuals who privately imported CitroŽns.  They were not permitted to import cars for conversion and resale.  By 1991, CINA had closed down.

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