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Citroën Xsara Dynalto and Saxo Dynavolt 

Set to become commonplace in the new millenium, a prototype of the new Dynalto is fitted to a Citroën Xsara and also to the Saxo Dynavolt .

The Dynalto system combines the functions of a traditional starter motor and alternator to create a single high performance electronic unit. 

Dynaltoensures engine start up in just 0,1 of a second thanks to a high performance booster, smoother tickover with 70% less vibration and the elimination of stalling. 

A 20% improvement in economy and emissions is achieved when the Citroën Xsara Dynalto is halted at for more than two seconds; the engine automatically shuts off and immediately and almost silently restarts when the driver selects a gear and depresses the accelerator.

The Dynalto unit also provides an additional 5 bhp when accelerating from a standstill.

1. Electric alternator/starter
2. Electronic booster
3. 12 volt battery
4. Supplementary power reservoir
5. 220 volt supply
6. Instrument panel

Saxo Dynavolt 

This experimental vehicle is  fitted with a two cylinder LPG engine which  drives an alternator/starter. A second engine  supplies the electric motor with additional  energy which supplements the batteries.    The driver need not worry about which motive source is in use - an electronic  management unit decides when to start the  LPG engine.  For journeys in excess of 80 km  (50 miles), both the batteries and auxiliary  engine power the electric motor.  For  journeys of less than 80 km, the batteries alone provide the motive power.  This results in zero emissions while on battery power alone and extremely low CO2 emissions when the LPG unit is working. 

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