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CitroŽn Berlingo Dynavolt 

CitroŽn unveiled the Berlingo Dynavolt at the March 1999 Geneva Motor Show.

This is the latest CitroŽn to be fitted with a hybrid engine.  It is both practical and economical.

Sibling to the Berlingo Electrique and to the Saxo Dynavolt , this experimental vehicle is fitted with a two cylinder LPG engine which drives an alternator/starter. A second engine supplies the electric motor with additional energy which supplements the batteries.  The driver need not worry about which motive source is in use - an electronic management unit decides when to start the LPG engine.  For journeys in excess of 80 km (50 miles), both the batteries and auxiliary engine power the electric motor.  For journeys of less than 80 km, the batteries alone provide the motive power.  This results in zero emissions while on battery power alone and extremely low CO2 emissions when the LPG unit is working.


  1. Electric motor and transmission
  2. Traction battery
  3. Auxiliary unit comprising 2 cylinder LPG engine and combined alternator/starter motor
  4. Computer controlling electric motor
  5. Computer controlling auxiliary power unit
  6. Program selection and energy management
  7. Heating tank (LPG)
  8. LPG tank with relief valve