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The special presidential cars built by Franay and Chapron for Prťsident Coty

Left - Franay Right - Chapron

In 1955, President Coty of France commissioned Franay to design and build a presidential car using the mechanical elements of the recently launched 15-Six H. Unfortunately, the car overheated when moving at walking pace during ceremonial parades and broke down during the 1957 state visit of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The car was eventually modified in the light of this deeply embarassing spectacle and was used by Coty's successor, General Charles de Gaulle.

In 1956, President Coty decided that an open top presidential car should be built, again using the 15-Six H mechanical bits. Chapron was selected as the designer and manufacturer for this car (and for a subsequent DS-based vehicle used by President de Gaulle). Like the Franay car, this Chapron vehicle did official service for de Gaulle and later for de Gaulle's successor, Georges Pompidou.

Above and right - the Franay car

Below - the Chapron car

The Franay car above
De Gaulle with President Eisenhower below in the Chapron car

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